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  1. This site has lots of information on the history of capital punishment in the UK. It includes a list of all UK executions from 1735 to 1964 which gives date of hanging, name of criminal, age, county, place and brief details of the crime.
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  2. This site offers combined searching of a range of databases - some free and some subscription sites. It includes London Lives,, Proceedings of the Old Bailey, British History Online, British Museum Images, Charles Booth Archive, Clergy of the Church of England Database, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers and more.
  3. A digital collection of more than 500 broadsides or single sheet newspapers which were sold during the 18th and 19th centuries at public executions.
  4. Research guide from The National Archives on tracing criminals.
  5. Over 200 years of proceedings from London's famous court. Use it to find criminals, judges, witnesses etc.
  6. A collection of indexes to British newspaper reports about people including criminals, police, railway workers, miners, doctors, sailors, publicans and more. Once a name has been found the newspaper report can be ordered for a small fee.

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