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  1. London police - including Middlesex, some of Essex, surrey, Hertfordshire and Kent. History, time-line, photographs, and research tips.
  2. The owners of this site maintain a database of over 550,000 police officers who served in the Metropolitan Police between 1829 and 1945. Contact them for a search of the database and you will receive a report for a small fee.
  3. Includes links to many police force websites, museums and police-related historical societies. Several publications are listed as well as the contents pages of the Police History Society Journal.
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  4. While the contact details are no longer up-to-date, this site gives a good idea of what items are available at various police archives or museums. The guide was originally published by the Police History Society.
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  5. This site commemorates police officers who have lost their lives. Select Police Forces to see the historical roll of honour organised by area. Information given includes name, date of death, age and cause of death.
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  6. A collection of indexes to British newspaper reports about people including criminals, police, railway workers, miners, doctors, sailors, publicans and more. Once a name has been found the newspaper report can be ordered for a small fee.

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