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  1. Search the UK Hansard reports of debates in Parliament 1803-2005.
  2. This site gives good background history on the Victoria era mainly in Britain. Particularly useful for family historians are the section on places and social history. For example under social history you will find information on child labour, wages, ragged schools, occupations in census records and more.
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  3. In 1986 the BBC launched a project to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the original Domesday Book. This project involved members of the public submitting pictures, maps and stories to compile a digital snapshot of Britain. There were technical difficulties with the project and it has now been made available online as Domesday reloaded.
  4. This site offers combined searching of a range of databases - some free and some subscription sites. It includes London Lives,, Proceedings of the Old Bailey, British History Online, British Museum Images, Charles Booth Archive, Clergy of the Church of England Database, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers and more.
  5. The BBC website has quite a lot of information on family history research. It includes advice for beginners, historical timelines and more.
  6. Information about life in Britain taken from census data. Various themes are explored such as Population, Life and Death, Industry, Work and Poverty etc. There are also descriptions of places from travel writers and gazetteers as well as a collection of historical maps.
  7. Digital library of material relating to the history of Britain including many of the Victoria County History series.

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