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  1. is a subscription site with worldwide content. The library edition is available to use for no charge within the building of the State Library of Western Australia and at most public libraries in Western Australia. Top content includes Australian electoral rolls, Australian passenger lists, convict material, UK census 1841-1901, UK birth, marriage and death indexes 1837-2005, UK National Probate Calendar 1861-1941, British phone books 1880-1984, London parish records, New Zealand electoral rolls 1853-1981, United States census, Canadian census and much more. The commercial (non library) version at includes publicly submitted material such as family trees and photographs.
  2. The British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database has been compiled from the British Home Office (HO) records which are available in the State Library as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) microfilm collection. You can find details for over 123,000 of the estimated 160,000 convicts transported to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries.
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  3. Fully updated guide to researching Western Australian convicts. PDF format. Available on the Friends of Battye website.
  4. Database of convicts who were transported on the First Fleet from the University of Wollongong.
  5. Lots of information on female convicts sent to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) including some photographs, information on convict ships, clothing, infant mortality and much more. Become a member (free) to search the site.
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  6. The National Archives of Ireland website has an online index to Irish convict transportation registers and convict petitions. Some registers were destroyed by fire so the records are not complete. You can find further information about the convicts by noting the reference number and consulting the microfilms which were donated to Australia by the Irish government to celebrate the Bicentenary. These microfilms are held in major libraries around Australia, including the State Library of Western Australia.
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  7. This index may assist researchers to access medical journals that have been copied as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP).
  8. This database includes information submitted by the public on the earliest members of their family to have lived in Australia and was begun in 2001 to mark the centenary of Federation. The site is no longer live and has been archived by the National Library as part of its Pandora archive.
  9. Home page of the Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc.(WAGS). Has information about the society, some early passenger lists, WA surnames list and lots of useful links. There is also a members-only section which is constantly being added to.
  10. Jill Chambers is an expert on those people involved in the swing riots in Britain during 1830-31. She is the author of many books on the topic and her website is very informative. It gives a history of the swing riots, details of those convicted from various counties, details of those detained on various prison hulks and more.
  11. This website has information on the nearly 2000 convicts transported between 1788 and 1868 to Australia, Gibralta and Bermuda. It includes a searchable convict database and gives information about the whereabouts of trials.
  12. This site is produced by an interest group of the Queensland Genealogical Society. It lists convicts and convict ships being researched by their members and has useful information on topics such as prison hulks and machine breakers. There are also links to online newspapers.
    Tags: by family_history (12 Jun 2011)
  13. This website lists free records of over 35,000 inmates of the Bedfordshire Gaol from 1801-1901. Listings frequently include great details and physical descriptions.
  14. A research project from the University of Tasmania which is collecting data on the lives of 73 000 men, women and children transported to Tasmania. By registering, you are also able to add information.
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  15. Research guide from The National Archives on tracing criminals.
  16. Searchable database of over 48,000 names of convicts sent to New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia between 1788 and 1868. This database is part of the free content on the subscription database You will need to register to access it. Alternatively, you can access everything on the subscription database free of charge within the State Library building.
    Tags: by family_history (24 Jun 2009)
  17. Over 200 years of proceedings from London's famous court. Use it to find criminals, judges, witnesses etc.
  18. Searchable database of nearly 10,000 convicts transported to the Swan River colony 1850-1868.
  19. Convict ships, convict tales, pensioner guards and more
  20. An incomplete list of convict ships carrying convicts to Tasmania and Norfolk Island. Gives details of sailing dates and numbers of convicts on board and a list of sources. Some of the convicts on board are listed with contact details for people researching them.
  21. From this site you can link through to lists of convicts in Tasmania with contact details for people researching them. There are also lists of convict ships, crew and convict guards, convict record abbreviations and more.
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