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  1. Website of the QARANC Association (Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps). Includes a very useful section on researching British Army nurses.
  2. This site aims to commemorate the Commonwealth service men and women who lost their lives during the two World Wars but whose details were never recorded. It also identifies many civilian casualties.
  3. Use RecordSearch to find the digitised service records of Australian men and women who served in World War One plus passenger lists, naturalisation records and more.
  4. This site has over 38,000 photographs of soldiers, sailors and nurses who served in World War One. Biographical details are also included.
  5. McMaster University website has World War I trench maps and aerial photographs of France and Belgium available online.
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  6. Archives 1914-1918: during the First World War, 10 million people, servicemen or civilians, were captured and sent to detention camps.
    The belligerent countries involved provided lists of prisoners to the ICRC, wich created an index card for each prisoner and detainee. Now, you can search through all 5 million of them.
  7. The original aim of The War Graves Photographic Project was to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, Ministry of Defence grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel from WWI to the present day. However, due to its popularity we have now extended our remit to cover all nationalities and military conflicts and make these available within a searchable database.
  8. This site has background information on the Anzacs as well as the Gallipoli Graveyards index which includes details of 3219 soldiers buried at Gallipoli and 6393 who are listed on memorials.
  9. Searchable database of men and women who served in the First Australian Imperial Force 1914-1918. This site gives lots of information on each person including name, address, next of kin, awards, medals, fate etc. and links through to the embarkation lists.
  10. This site was created for the centenary of WWI. It contains original records from the following: Australian Imperial Force; Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force; Royal Australian Navy; Australian Flying Corps; Australian Army Nursing Service; depot unit personnel; official artists, photographers, war correspondents and historians such as C.E.W. Bean; internees; munitions workers; New Zealand Boer War service records. You can also contribute your own photographs and stories.
  11. This site has a searchable roll of honour with the names of over 1.7 million men and women who died in Commonwealth forces during the two world wars. The place of burial or commemoration is given. In July 2014 a large number of digitised records relating to deaths, burials and identifications were added to the website.
  12. These files, compiled by the Australian Red Cross, contain reports (often quite detailed) of Australian servicemen wounded or missing during World War One.
  13. This site has lots of background information on World War One including some transcribed diaries, original photographs and articles. The Association has acquired a major archive of over 6 million soldiers' pension cards which will eventually be digitised and added to the website.
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  14. This site has lots of useful background information on World War One. It includes posters, photographs, maps, a timeline, a forum and more.
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  15. Details of officers who died at Gallipoli in 1915.
  16. This detailed website is full of information about military nursing during the two world wars. It includes a section on how to research a nurse, lists the recipients of medals, lists hospitals in the UK and more. There is also the World War One diary of the matron-in-chief of the British Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders.
  17. A University of Oxford project which includes digitised material relating to World War One submitted by members of the public. Content includes maps, diaries, postcards, poems, letters, memorabilia and more.
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  18. This site has a list of New Zealand servicemen who died at Gallipoli in World War One.
  19. This website aims to photograph over 1.75 million war graves and memorials from World War One onwards and is being done in collaboration with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. High resolution copies of images can be ordered through the site.
  20. This is a very detailed website packed with information on the First World War. It includes information on how to go about researching a soldier as well as unit histories, war diaries and much more.
  21. Search for members of the Australian armed forces in a variety of databases including the Roll of Honour. Also included is a military glossary, information on Australian military units, war diaries and official war histories. Look under People - Family History for a really useful range of Information Sheets.
  22. Free historical maps of Australia, London and some other parts of the UK. The site also includes some maps of Gallipoli.
  23. Transcriptions from war memorials in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man plus background information on the Boer War and First and Second World Wars.
  24. Search British First World War medal index cards, British Prisoner of War records, wills from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1384-1858, Royal Navy service records 1873-1923 and more.

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