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  1. This database is on the Auckland Museum website. It includes the names and brief details of New Zealand soldiers who died in both World Wars and during the Boer War.
  2. This site has background information on the Anzacs as well as the Gallipoli Graveyards index which includes details of 3219 soldiers buried at Gallipoli and 6393 who are listed on memorials.
  3. This site was created for the centenary of WWI. It contains original records from the following: Australian Imperial Force; Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force; Royal Australian Navy; Australian Flying Corps; Australian Army Nursing Service; depot unit personnel; official artists, photographers, war correspondents and historians such as C.E.W. Bean; internees; munitions workers; New Zealand Boer War service records. You can also contribute your own photographs and stories.
  4. Details of officers who died at Gallipoli in 1915.
  5. This site has a list of New Zealand servicemen who died at Gallipoli in World War One.
  6. This is a wonderful resource for researching ancestors who served in the New Zealand military or in an adjunct role such as nursing during the 20th Century. The biographical database has over 120,000 entries, some of which are remarkably detailed. It includes all war dead from 20th Century conflicts as well as some who died subsequently. Family members are able to submit additional content, including photographs.

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