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  1. Findmypast is a subscription site which is available to use for no charge within the State Library of Western Australia building. It contains material relating to the United Kingdom and Ireland and all Australian states and New Zealand with a small amount of content for the Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea. The Australian states with the largest amount of material are Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Content includes passenger lists, almanacs, Blue Books, electoral rolls, government gazettes, police gazettes and post office directories. The Ireland section includes will indexes, directories, cemetery transcriptions, land records and more. The largest collection is Irish prison records which includes information on over 3.5 million people. Most coverage for the United Kingdom is for England and Wales, including 1841-1911 census records. Census transcriptions for Scotland for 1841 through to 1901 are also available. Top content includes births, marriages and deaths including overseas BMDs, armed forces BMDs and BMDs at sea; UK outgoing passenger lists 1890-1960 and British Army service records (also known as Chelsea Pensioner records) 1760-1913.
  2. This site has lots of background information on the Boer War 1899-1900. It includes articles, photographs and biographical details of 15-20% of those involved in the war.
    Tags: by family_history (26 Nov 2014)
  3. This page, written by author Simon Fowler, describes which records are available in the National Archives at Kew, formerly the Public Record Office, relating to the Boer War.
  4. Searchable database of Australians who served in the Boer War.
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  5. The Queensland State Archives website has a range of indexes including passenger lists, Boer War, divorces, inquests, teachers, wills, land selections, justices of the peace etc.
  6. This website is campaigning for a Boer War Memorial to be erected in Canberra. It also has a lot of information on the Boer War including information on nurses, war correspondents, medals, engagements, casualties and more. Australians can register details of their ancestor's service in the Boer War as part of the Boer War Memorial Descendant Database Project.
    Tags: by family_history (13 Apr 2011)
  7. This site has a lot of transcribed information mainly on the Boer war and India. There are shipping lists for the Boer war, casualty rolls for the Crimean war plus nominal rolls, medal rolls. army marriages and deaths and more.
  8. Lists of Australian soldiers who served in the Boer War along with background information on the war. Part of the Perth Dead Persons' Society website.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Dec 2002)
  9. Database of Australians who died during the Boer War compiled by members of the Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc.
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  10. Transcriptions from war memorials in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man plus background information on the Boer War and First and Second World Wars.

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