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  1. How to access the historical Lloyd's Register of Ships.
  2. The State Library has a collection of Lloyd's Registers in the Genealogy Centre on the 3rd Floor. This web page includes useful information about this publication.
  3. Former ships of the Royal Australian Navy with history and photograph. Site includes history of bases, squadrons and traditions. Some reference material online.
  4. Website of the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. Most of the useful information for family history is under the Collections & Research tab. Try the Research Guides which cover topics such as child migration, convict ships, pictures of ships in the Australian trade and more.
  5. The National Maritime Museum (UK) is at Greenwich. Online content includes ship images and plans, maps and charts, naval uniforms and more.
  6. Thiis database from the Australian National Maritime Museum has detailed descriptions of vessels important to Australia's maritime heritage.
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  7. Lots of information on ships, passenger lists, shipwrecks and more.
  8. This website has lots of digitised material relating to the P&O cruise line including posters, photographs, ephemera and postcards. There are also fact sheets for 2,500 P&O ships.
  9. The Maritime History Archive in Canada holds about 70% of surviving UK crew lists. Search by the official ship number (which can be located in Lloyds Register of Shipping or through the CLIP website) to find where crew lists are held. Copies of those held at the MHA can be ordered for a fee.
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  10. This site indexes references to ships in books, magazines and online. The database which have an American bias but is still well worth checking. You can get some free results and others require a subscription.
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  11. This site describes some of the main sources of information on ships bound for Australia and New Zealand. It includes links to ships' pictures, passenger lists, crew lists and convict sites.
  12. View photographs, maps, objects and artworks held at various archives, libraries and museums around Australia including State Libraries, the Australian War Memorial, the National Trust etc. Search under keyword for people, places, ships and more. Also included in the database are Flickr images submitted by the public.
  13. This site has information on merchant ships registered in Britain 1861-1913. You can find details such as port of registry, year constructed, tonnage, type of vessel and the ship's official number. There are also links to other sites, an index to vessels in books and more.
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  14. Large database with descriptions and images of ships, passenger lists, diaries kept on board ships and more.

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