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  1. How to access the historical Lloyd's Register of Ships.
  2. The State Library has a collection of Lloyd's Registers in the Genealogy Centre on the 3rd Floor. This web page includes useful information about this publication.
  3. The Maritime History Archive collects and preserves documents relating to the history of maritime activities in Newfoundland and Labrador and throughout the North Atlantic world. The agreements and logbooks for voyages terminating in the years 1863 - 1938 are indexed and can be searched. program searches by official number only. (Official numbers can be found in Mercantile Navy Lists or Lloyd's Registers.)The databases accessed by this search will inform the visitor whether a particular archive has the crew agreement. They will not provide any information on the agreement's contents. To obtain that data he or she will need to contact the appropriate institution. Also Index of Newfoundland Captains, 1820-1889

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