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  1. A gallery of approximately 500 photographs of ships which brought emigrants and convicts to Australia and New Zealand from the 1840s to the 1890s.
  2. Website of the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. Most of the useful information for family history is under the Collections & Research tab. Try the Research Guides which cover topics such as child migration, convict ships, pictures of ships in the Australian trade and more.
  3. Lots of information on ships, passenger lists, shipwrecks and more.
  4. This website has lots of digitised material relating to the P&O cruise line including posters, photographs, ephemera and postcards. There are also fact sheets for 2,500 P&O ships.
  5. This site indexes passenger ships sailing to Australia and New Zealand up to 1914.
  6. This is a social networking site for ex British Merchant Navy seamen which includes a large database of ship images. Select Gallery and you can search by ship name for images of passenger ships, cargo ships, tankers, ferries, container ships and more.
  7. This site indexes references to ships in books, magazines and online. The database which have an American bias but is still well worth checking. You can get some free results and others require a subscription.
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  8. Information on ships together with photographs and details of voyages to the United States and Canada.
  9. This site describes some of the main sources of information on ships bound for Australia and New Zealand. It includes links to ships' pictures, passenger lists, crew lists and convict sites.
  10. Website with information about the SS Asturias II which operated as a migrant ship 1946-1952. Includes photographs, passengers' stories and some passenger lists with more to be added later.
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  11. Large database with descriptions and images of ships, passenger lists, diaries kept on board ships and more.

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