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  1. Searchable database of births, marriages and deaths from South Tyneside from 1837 onwards. Not yet complete so worth checking regularly.
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  2. Lots of useful background information on the port cities of Bristol, Hartlepool, Liverpool, London and Southampton.
  3. Parish and census records for County Durham with a few records from adjoining parishes in Yorkshire and Northumberland. Searching is free and you pay to download.
  4. A very detailed, informative website which looks at the history of mining in the north of England. Included is mining company information, employment statistics, details of mining disasters and much more. The names of people who lost their lives are given and there are links to mining reports, newspaper accounts and maps.
  5. Includes a searchable database of over 16,000 names of householders paying hearth tax during the 17th century in the counties of Durham, Kent, Surrey and the West Riding of Yorkshire. There are also maps of these counties - both geographic and statistical. An authoritative site from the Centre for Hearth Tax Research at Roehampton University.
  6. This project will digitise and make freely available over 150,000 wills and related archives from County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland from the 16th Century to the mid-19th Century. They are not yet available but the project is expected to be completed in 2010.

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