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  1. This website includes transcriptions of parish records for about 90 towns and villages in and around the Forest of Dean as well as photographs, inquests, maps and historical articles. You need to register to search and can also add your own surname interests.
  2. View historic maps of Bristol. Users can also submit their own images and information.
  3. Lots of useful background information on the port cities of Bristol, Hartlepool, Liverpool, London and Southampton.
  4. Lots of information about the Bath & Avon Family History Society. Online content includes the South Gloucestershire Burials Index.
  5. Search birth, marriage and death indexes for Gloucestershire. Not yet complete so the coverage should be checked.
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  6. Information on the Gloucestershire regiment including a searchable database of over 40,000 soldiers who served in World War One.
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  7. Transcriptions of Gloucestershire inquests 1722-1838.
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  8. This website has transcriptions of census returns, deaths, electoral registers and more for Winchcombe in Gloucestershire.
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  9. View photographs of several hundred churches in this beautiful area of England which covers six different counties.

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