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  1. The project identifies Nyungar placenames and meanings prior to colonial settlement and makes available a number of resources for public educational use. The South-West, known as Nyungar Boodjar to Nyungar people, is described by the west coast on its western side and an approximate line running from Esperance through Nungarin to Geraldton on its eastern side. The area is divided into 14 separate but interconnected language regions that are used as grouping categories for the Nyungar language names identified in this project. The areas are: Wudjari, Koreng, Pibelmen, Wardandi, Njunga, Ngakinjaki, Balardong, Juat, Amangu, Minang, Kaneang, Wilman, Pinjarup and Kaneang.
  2. This site provides a detailed list of where to locate Aboriginal records for Western Australia.
  3. AIATSIS has digitised historic annual reports from the Chief Protector of Aborigines and Commissioner of Native Welfare.
  4. Storylines is a new online access point for the State Library of Western Australia's Aboriginal heritage collections. The system brings together photographs, oral histories, sounds and videos, in order to repatriate them to Aboriginal people around Western Australia and record new stories. Explore some of the stories and photographs which have been uncovered and reinterpreted as the project continues to work with individuals, organisations and communities throughout Western Australia.

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