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  1. This site provides a detailed list of where to locate Aboriginal records for Western Australia.
  2. Daisy Bates (1859-1951) observed and worked with Aboriginal people for many years and copies of her papers are held at the State Library of Western Australia. Digital copies are available on the University of Adelaide site.
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  3. Dawn and New Dawn were magazines published by the New South Wales Aborigines Welfare Board. The magazines contain a lot of information useful to family historians such as birth, marriage and death details and photographs. You can search under name, place, keyword or date.
  4. AIATSIS has digitised historic annual reports from the Chief Protector of Aborigines and Commissioner of Native Welfare.
  5. Staff from the Family Information Records Bureau can help indigenous people trace their families by accessing government departmental files
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  6. Plenty of information on researching your family tree from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.
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