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  1. Index to official assisted passenger lists.
  2. Official 'assisted passage' passenger lists 1845 - 1886
    Record emigrants selected by the Colonization Commissioners, London, whose passages were paid for out of the Emigration Fund. The lists typically give passengers' names, and most give ages, occupation and marital status, while some give county of origin. Not all lists have survived.
    The lists are grouped into years and then arranged numerically within each year. An alphabetical name index to these records is available - see: Index to Official Passenger Lists.
  3. Some full, some partial passenger lists to South Australia, Victoria and N.S.W. Some passenger names link to further information.
  4. The State Records of South Australia website has an index to passenger arrivals and also an index to photographs of South Australian soldiers, sailors and nurses from World War One. Please note that these are indexes only - the images are not available online. Select Access Collection Catalogue to search these indexes.
  5. This website has a wonderful range of databases including early South Australian births 1836-1854, marriages 1836-1855 and deaths 1836-1842+, passenger lists 1803-1853 and more. There is also a lot of historical information including a timeline.
  6. Ships that arrived in South Australia between 1836 and 1851 (60,000 local and overseas families and individual passengers).
  7. Chronological list of passenger ships arriving in South Australia 1836-60 including some passenger lists. Part of the Perth Dead Persons' Society website.
  8. Searchable database of South Australian passenger lists for more than 1,100 ship arrivals 1803-1853.
  9. 19th Century German passengers to South Australia.

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