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  1. Index to funeral notices in The Advertiser newspaper 1971-1990 and 1997-2013. The Advertiser is available on microfilm on the 1st Floor of the State Library of Western Australia.
  2. The Ryerson Index covers death notices and obituaries in 149 Australian newspapers. There are currently over 2 million entries. Many of the newspaper titles are from New South Wales but the following states are also included: Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and the Northern Territory. The majority of the entries are for recent deaths but in some cases, such as the Sydney Morning Herald, historical death notices from the 19th century have been included. See Newspaper coverage for details of each title.
  3. This website has a wonderful range of databases including early South Australian births 1836-1854, marriages 1836-1855 and deaths 1836-1842+, passenger lists 1803-1853 and more. There is also a lot of historical information including a timeline.
  4. Online Database Search
    Databases include:
    •Newspaper Birth Notices Index from 1960 onwards
    •Newspaper Death Notices Index from 1972 onwards
    •South Australia Cemeteries Index
    •Birth Registration Certificates Index 1842 - 1928
    •Death Registration Certificates Index 1842 - 1972
    •Marriage Registration Certificates Index 1842 - 1937
  5. Searchable database of more than 5,000 deaths extracted from police reports in the South Australian Government Gazettes 1845-1941. This includes the Northern Territory until the end of 1910.
  6. Information on how to apply for birth, marriage and death certificates in South Australia. Indexes are not available online.

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