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  1. Founded in 2001 with the aim of researching, remembering and recognizing the Polish citizens deported, enslaved and killed by the Soviet Union during World War Two. Includes a virtual "wall of names" with names and other information about Polish citizens affected by WWII. Accepts entries from all over the world.
    Tags: , by family_history (17 Jul 2013)
  2. The State Museum at Majdanek, Poland, holds documents including prisoner details, memoirs, letters and reports.
    Tags: , , by family_history (03 Mar 2010)
  3. A guide to Polish genealogy with information on the history, culture and geography of Poland. It includes a list of Polish surnames, a gazetteer and more.
    Tags: by family_history (20 Feb 2010)
  4. Website for the Polish State Archives which includes a database (PRADZIAD) giving the location of the holdings of church and civil registration records.
    Tags: by family_history (20 Feb 2010)

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