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  1. This site offers enhanced searching of a range of different online databases. There are also translating tools and resources on the holocaust.
  2. The State Museum at Majdanek, Poland, holds documents including prisoner details, memoirs, letters and reports.
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  3. The International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen serves victims of Nazi persecutions and their families by documenting their fate through the archives it manages.
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  4. This website has a huge amount of information for those doing Jewish family history research. It includes family trees, a holocaust database, research interests and much more.
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  5. This website has oral histories of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and is part of the British Library's Archival Sound Recordings site.
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  6. Contains the names of about three million Jews who died in the Holocaust. Information was submitted by surviving family members and can include quite a lot of detail. There is also a smaller survivors' database.
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