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  1. Australian gateway to family history resources on the web by Cora Num.
  2. The world's largest gateway to family history resources with international coverage.
  3. This site has free transcriptions of a variety of sources including many passenger lists. Content is mainly for Canada and the United States but there is other material available as well.
  4. Lots of links for UK family history resources as well as a section on the British abroad.
  5. UK wide site with information from various local history societies and other suppliers.
  6. This site has lots of links both to general UK genealogy sites and to sites specific to counties and parishes.
  7. Links to thousands of family history websites for the UK, US, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  8. An international family history gateway with lots of information on resources available for particular countries and regions, mailing lists and much more.
  9. Selected family history websites arranged by category on the National Library of Australia site.
  10. Main genealogical gateway for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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