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  1. Comprehensive website full of useful information about lunatic asylums and mental hospitals. It mainly covers England and Wales but has spread to include some parts of Scotland and Ireland and even has some overseas material.
  2. A site dedicated to the history of institutions such as almshouses, asylums, hospitals, orphanages, reformatories, prisons and workhouses. Includes information abut occupations, Poor Law Unions, and the Poor Law. A work in progress.
  3. This database gives information about the existence and location of hospital records in the United Kingdom. It is a joint project of the Wellcome Library and The National Archives.
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  4. Information on and photographs of county-owned mental hospitals built in Britain 1810-1948. Arranged by county.
  5. Learn about the lives of patients in Victorian and Edwardian times. This site has a collection of resources relating to the early years of hospitals for sick children; the Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street, the Evelina Hospital, the Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Disease and Glasgow's Royal Hospital for Sick Children. Formerly the Small and Special website which covered the Great Ormond Street hospital only.

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