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  1. History of the Royal Air Force which includes a detailed timeline and histories of individual squadrons with their badges.
  2. This website has a family history section with advice for those with Scottish ancestry. There is also quite a lot of digital content including maps and broadsides, and some British military lists (army, navy and air force) for the 20th Century.
  3. This site has a lot of British military genealogy records covering a wide range of conflicts. Most information is pay-per- view with monthly subscriptions available.
    Free content includes the Japanese Prisoner of War records and a Medieval database.
  4. Website of the Royal Air Force Museum which includes copies of the RAF Historical Society Journals.
  5. Home page of the Imperial War Museums which consists of five separate museums in England covering conflict involving Britain and the Commonwealth from World War One to the present day. Explore their catalogue which provides access to their collections of over 600,000 items, including many digitised photographs.
  6. The National Archives Digital Microfilm means that you can download some of the most popular records from The National Archives at Kew as PDFs. Please note that these files are quite large so you will need a broadband connection.

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