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  1. If your deceased relative was a Barnardo’s boy or girl, whether in the UK or as part of migrations to Australia or Canada, this service is available. It is quite expensive, but monies raised support Barnardo's charities.
  2. Lots of information about the Bath & Avon Family History Society. Online content includes the South Gloucestershire Burials Index.
  3. This searchable database from Bath Record Office has the names of more than 70,000 people who lived in the city of Bath 1603-1990. Copies of original records can then be ordered for a small fee.
    Tags: by family_history (27 Feb 2013)
  4. Transcriptions of births, marriages and deaths in Bath and North East Somerset taken from the local register office indexes. Also available are Bath Post Office Directories for 1852, 1872, 1895 and 1912. Part of the UKBMD Project.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Dec 2002)
  5. In 1986 the BBC launched a project to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the original Domesday Book. This project involved members of the public submitting pictures, maps and stories to compile a digital snapshot of Britain. There were technical difficulties with the project and it has now been made available online as Domesday reloaded.
  6. The BBC website has quite a lot of information on family history research. It includes advice for beginners, historical timelines and more.
  7. The BBC website has quite a lot of information on Welsh family history research. It includes advice for beginners, information on Welsh naming practices and more.
    Tags: , by family_history (02 Dec 2009)
  8. An archive of memories of World War Two submitted by the public.
  9. Information on migration from Wales to various parts of the world through history. Other Wales social history is also explored on this website. Now archived so you will need to search within the site.
    Tags: by family_history (02 Dec 2014)
  10. This website lists free records of over 35,000 inmates of the Bedfordshire Gaol from 1801-1901. Listings frequently include great details and physical descriptions.
  11. Search burial records for the following Belfast cemeteries; Belfast City Cemetery 1869-, Roselawn Cemetery 1954- and Dundonald Cemetery 1905-.
    Tags: by family_history (23 Jan 2012)
  12. Online index allows searching for burials over three cemeteries. You can then purchase a copy of the burial record as long as the burial was at least 75 years ago. Information may include date of death, cause of death and address.
  13. Free searchable database of transcriptions of the Belfast 1901 and 1911 censuses.
  14. Searchable archive of the Belfast Gazette which is an official newspaper of record publishing legal and government notices. Useful for obituaries, military appointments and awards, insolvency records etc.
  15. Transcriptions of births, marriages and deaths in Berkshire from 1837 onwards taken from the local register office indexes. Part of the UKBMD Project.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Aug 2009)
  16. Index to marriage records for the Diocese of Chester 1750-1836.
    Tags: by family_history (04 Dec 2013)
  17. The Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australia contains brief biographical details of people in Western Australia prior to 1888. It has been scanned by volunteers and made available on the Friends of Battye Library website.
  18. Cemetery transcription site. Mostly U.S.A. but some cemeteries from other countries included. Requests input from community - but no statement of intent as to how information will be used in the future (i.e. will it remain a free site?). Includes location of cemetery and image of monument. Worth checking.
  19. This site has information about the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, England. It includes a free searchable database of burials in two cemeteries dating from the 1830s - Key Hill and Warstone Lane.
    Tags: by family_history (18 Nov 2013)
  20. Searchable database of births, marriages and deaths in New Zealand. Information available includes births that occurred at least 100 years ago, stillbirths that occurred at least 50 years ago, marriages that occurred 80 years ago and deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago or the deceased's date of birth was at least 80 years ago.
  21. Apply for birth, marriage and deaths certificates for Tasmania on this site.
  22. A collection of indexes to British newspaper reports about people including criminals, police, railway workers, miners, doctors, sailors, publicans and more. Once a name has been found the newspaper report can be ordered for a small fee.
  23. Free searching of nonconformist records 1567-1840 (RG4 and RG5) and pay-per- view for image or full details.
  24. Searchable database of Australians who served in the Boer War.
    Tags: , by family_history (14 Jun 2012)
  25. This page, written by author Simon Fowler, describes which records are available in the National Archives at Kew, formerly the Public Record Office, relating to the Boer War.
  26. About the project.
    The Bomb Sight project is mapping the London WW2 bomb census between 7/10/1940 and 06/06/1941. They will be able to explore where the bombs fell and to discover memories and photographs from the period. Click on individual bombs and find out information relating to the neighbouring area by reviewing contextual images and memories from the Blitz.
  27. The project identifies Nyungar placenames and meanings prior to colonial settlement and makes available a number of resources for public educational use. The South-West, known as Nyungar Boodjar to Nyungar people, is described by the west coast on its western side and an approximate line running from Esperance through Nungarin to Geraldton on its eastern side. The area is divided into 14 separate but interconnected language regions that are used as grouping categories for the Nyungar language names identified in this project. The areas are: Wudjari, Koreng, Pibelmen, Wardandi, Njunga, Ngakinjaki, Balardong, Juat, Amangu, Minang, Kaneang, Wilman, Pinjarup and Kaneang.
  28. The Borthwick Institute for Archives is one of the biggest archive repositories outside London.
    Provincial and diocesan records and:
    Probate courts
    Probate Records at the Borthwick: an introduction to the various courts and their jurisdictions:

    Yorkshire Probate Records, before 1858
    Exchequer and Prerogative Court of York
    Chancery Court
    Dean and Chapter Court
    Probate Records from other Parts of the Northern Province
    Probate Records from the Southern Province
  29. Ships that arrived in South Australia between 1836 and 1851 (60,000 local and overseas families and individual passengers).
  30. An extensive family tree for the Brady family. Also includes a spreadsheet of data from the 1859 York census.
  31. Brisbane City Council cemeteries and crematoria search page.
    Tags: by family_history (06 Jan 2010)
  32. Bristol Radical History Group are an organisation of local people from Bristol. As well as organising talks and events they publish a range of historical pamphlets and host an archive on this website. Their latest project is the Eastville Workhouse Burial Data - listing the names of people who died in Eastville Workhouse and were buried in unmarked graves in Rosemary Green.
  33. Searchable database of 3,000 British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh and other European volunteers in the South American wars of independence 1810-1890.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Dec 2002)
  34. Over 60,000 aerial photographs of Britain 1919-1953 which are free to download. Once you've registered you can also add comments.
  35. Pay for use website or subscription. Allows a search under name or town name and indicates what type of record (such as directory or document or article) is available.
  36. Website of the QARANC Association (Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps). Includes a very useful section on researching British Army nurses.
  37. This association helps to conserve the graves of Europeans and Anglo-Indians buried in South Asia. They have transcribed many memorial inscriptions and you can search the unified index by name on this site.
  38. The British Association for Local History. Links to many local history organisations.
  39. Coastguards and their families in the census.
  40. Search the on-line indexes for summaries of historical birth, marriage, death registrations, and colonial marriage, and baptism records. Please note: registrations available are of limited release dates for British Columbia only.
    View and note the necessary index information such as microfilm reel number, registration number, name, in order to access the actual birth, marriage or death registration records.
    Tags: by family_history (11 Dec 2012)
  41. Blog from professional genealogist, Chris Paton. It has a focus on Scotland but includes posts on other family history topics too.
  42. Digital library of material relating to the history of Britain including many of the Victoria County History series.
  43. Perry Snow has a comprehensive database of 57,000 records of child migrants sent to Canada from the UK. Brief details are shown on the online database and you can apply to him for further details.
  44. Individual site with lots of miscellaneous information and transcriptions.
  45. Explore 14 million books, 920,000 journal and newspaper titles, 58 million patents, 3 million sound recordings, and much more. Lots of family history resources and guides to the collections. India Office, newspaper collections and maps.
  46. This site has online searching of four newspaper titles - the Manchester Guardian, Daily News, News of the World and the Weekly Dispatch. Only limited dates are available.
    by family_history (18 Oct 2009)
  47. Some background and history and a message board to post requests for assistance. Links to other sites of interest.
    Tags: by family_history (27 Nov 2014)
  48. The British Newspaper Archive is a subscription site which is available to use for no charge within the State Library of Western Australia (SLWA) building. It consists of millions of pages of digitised historical newspapers from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales held at the British Library. You can register so that you can save searches, create lists and correct text in a similar way to Australia's Trove website. Select parts 1 -5 from the "content set" on the search page to search across all databases.
  49. Archival film footage from British Pathe. Includes film of celebrities, artists, events from around the world. Has a good search facility.
  50. An indexed collection of records from Argentina documenting the presence of thousands of British and other English-speaking residents there. Records include baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials from the Anglican, Scots Presbyterian and Methodist churches, transcripts from the National Archives in Buenos Aires and London, Argentine census returns and contemporary publications.
  51. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle was published from 1841-1955 and again from 1960-1963. This website has digitised issues from 1841-1902 and you can search by keyword or browse by publication date.
  52. Buckinghamshire - Victorian prisoners, maps, directories. Online database with details of prisoners entering the County Gaol in Aylesbury in the 1870s. The information has been taken from gaol receiving books held at the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies. Some entries may include photographs, whilst others just include basic details of the inmate's crime, and their punishment. Also trade directories indexed: 1792, 1798, 1811, 1824 and 1832. Historic maps of Buckinghamshire and historic photographs.
    Tags: by family_history (17 Jul 2013)
  53. Maps of Buckinghamshire villages, photographs and information on parish registers.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Dec 2002)
  54. Searchable database of Buckinghamshire casualties from World War One with biographical details and photographs of war memorials, plaques, graves etc.
    Tags: by family_history (02 Dec 2014)
  55. Burials at Bunbury Cemetery giving name, date of death, date of burial and position of burial plot. Site is developing.
  56. The Bureau of Military History Collection, 1913-1921 (BMH) is a collection of 1,773 witness statements; 334 sets of contemporary documents; 42 sets of photographs and 13 voice recordings that were collected by the State between 1947 and 1957, in order to gather primary source material for the revolutionary period in Ireland from 1913 to 1921. The Bureau’s official brief was ‘to assemble and co-ordinate material to form the basis for the compilation of the history of the movement for Independence from the formation of the Irish Volunteers on 25th November 1913, to the 11th July 1921’ (report of the Director, 1957).
  57. Comprehensive image library containing a local history and archives database, showcasing streets and buildings from c. 1850 to the present day. Images are being added on a regular basis
    Tags: by family_history (28 Mar 2010)
  58. Busselton Family History Society website includes transcriptions of early births, marriages and deaths and more.
  59. The National Archives of Ireland has the probate calendars for the whole of Ireland 1858-1920 and the Republic of Ireland 1923-1982.
    Tags: by family_history (04 Feb 2014)
  60. Digitised Californian newspapers covering 1846 to the present.
  61. This collection contains 72,729 issues comprising 603,681 pages and 6,876,356 articles. 1846-2012
    The California Digital Newspaper Collection is a project of the Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research (CBSR) at the University of California, Riverside.
  62. Lists "missing" ancestors last known to have gone off to the goldrushes in California. Includes contact details for researchers.
    Includes many helpful links to Californian genealogy sites.
  63. Beautiful early maps of England. Also log book of MMS Resolution.
    Tags: by family_history (26 Aug 2015)
  64. This online resource provides free access to historic Cambridge (Boston USA) newspapers and is a project of the Cambridge Public Library Archives and Special Collections.
    This collection contains 6,346 issues comprising 59,070 pages, and 669,406 articles. Newspapers include the Cambridge Chronicle (1846-1923), the Cambridge Press (1887-1889), the Cambridge Sentinel (1903-1912), and the Cambridge Tribune (1887-1923).
    This collection also contains 40,634 subject cards and 13,099 obituary cards that index Cambridge newspapers published between 1950 and 2008.
  65. Website of the Cambridgeshire Family History Society. Online content includes indexes to baptisms and burials 1801-1837, a strays index, information on parishes and more.
    Tags: by family_history (21 Oct 2010)
  66. Directory of Australian archives. You can also search collections and some material has been digitised.
    Tags: by family_history (24 Aug 2011)
  67. This site has photographs of gravestones in Canadian cemeteries and is both searchable and browsable. Most provinces and territories have some material available.
    Tags: by family_history (03 Apr 2011)
  68. Database of headstone photographs submitted by volunteers. You can search by name within each province. There are not many images at present but this is an ongoing project. There are also links to similar projects in Ireland and the United States.
  69. Lots of information on Canada's military from Library and Archives Canada.
    Tags: by family_history (11 May 2016)
  70. The Canadian National Digital Heritage Index (CNDHI) is an index of digitized Canadian heritage collections located at Canadian universities and provincial and territorial libraries.
  71. Some free views.
    Tags: by family_history (05 Apr 2017)
  72. A discovery portal for Canada's digitised collections from libraries, archives and museums. Includes digitised photographs and texts.
  73. Canberra public cemeteries search page.
  74. Historical and family history sources for Canberra. Now archived in the Pandora section of TROVE.
  75. This site has indexes to three important Irish genealogical publications available on CD-ROM at the State Library of Western Australia and other major libraries. The titles indexed are 'Cantwell's Memorials of the Dead', 'Memorials of the Dead, Counties Galway & Mayo' and '1798 Rebellion, Claimants and Surrenders'.
  76. This site has lots of information on the history of capital punishment in the UK. It includes a list of all UK executions from 1735 to 1964 which gives date of hanging, name of criminal, age, county, place and brief details of the crime.
    Tags: by family_history (07 Feb 2012)
  77. This site has oral history recordings with 62 British Far Eastern prisoners of war imprisoned in camps in Japan, Borneo, Hong Kong, Java and Thailand.
    Tags: by family_history (01 Sep 2011)
  78. This site has lots of useful information on how to trace your Caribbean roots. Part of the British "Moving Here" website.
    Tags: by family_history (15 Jul 2009)
  79. Carnamah is a town and farming community 300 kilometres north of Perth in the Mid West region of Western Australia. The Carnamah Historical Society was founded in 1983 to collect, record, preserve and promote local history.
  80. A (now archived) web site for research resources relating to Caribbean Studies and the history of Black and Asian peoples in the UK.
  81. Searchable database of immigrants entering the United States 1830-1892. This pre-dates the Ellis Island immigration database.
  82. History of Catholicism in Britain. Good for finding resources. Society holds an index of 14,000 nuns and Lancashire Catholic beneficiaries index. Membership is available for a fee.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Dec 2002)
  83. Network of Archives and Libraries of the Catholic Church.
    This online catalogue allows you to search for information about the archives and manuscripts held at:
    Scottish Catholic Archives
    Diocese of Westminster Archives
    Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales
    Royals Scots College, Spain
    Royal English College, Spain
    Society of Jesus, British Provincial Archives
    The Archives do include church registers.
  84. Links to organisations involved with Catholic history in England and Wales. Resources and publications.
  85. The Catholic National Library has over 70,000 books, pamphlets and periodicals including theology, spirituality and related subjects, biography, history (including Catholic Family History). There is a very useful online catalogue. Of particular interest to family historians is the collection of Mission Register transcripts (UK) dating back to 1694. Wales - Carmarthen: Baptisms 1850-1972, Marriages 1856-1980.
    Alexandra and Cairo: Baptisms 1899-1910, Marriages 1899-1910, Burials 1896-1945. Note: records are not online.
  86. This website contains images from the NLI’s collection of Catholic parish register microfilms. The registers contain records of baptisms and marriages from the majority of Catholic parishes in Ireland and Northern Ireland up to 1880. You may search under a Parish name - or explore via the map.
  87. Searchable database of burials in Nelson in New Zealand's south island.
    Tags: by family_history (26 Aug 2011)
  88. Cemetery headstone transcriptions for a number of New South Wales cemeteries.
  89. Index to burials in cemeteries in Victoria.
    Tags: by family_history (30 Oct 2011)
  90. Database of headstone inscriptions from Jewish cemeteries throughout the UK. Includes additional family tree information for many entries.
    Tags: by family_history (21 Dec 2009)
  91. Choosing 'All - Statewide' directs the search through participating Councils' Graves registers across South Australia.
  92. CemSearch is a genealogy site designed specifically for people who are "in search of their roots" in a 10 county area in south-central Ontario.
  93. Free searching for Pembrokeshire census records. 1871 and 1891 censuses complete and 1841 and 1881 censuses nearly complete. Subscription required to view full record.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Dec 2002)
  94. International site listing census records found online.
  95. International site listing census records found online.
    Tags: , by family_history (31 Dec 2002)
  96. Scotland's People has provided free access to the census street index books for the main towns and cities in Scotland for the 1841-1911 censuses. The number of the registration district and the enumeration district is given for each street. This is useful to see which streets existed during a particular census year.
    Tags: by family_history (01 Nov 2011)
  97. This website has a searchable database of burials and memorials at Centennial Park, Adelaide since 1938.
  98. Search for other people's unwanted birth, marriage or death certificates or list your own.
  99. Poverty maps of London 1886-1903. PhoneBooth provides mobile access to the Charles Booth Maps, Descriptive of London Poverty 1898-9 and selected police notebooks which record eye-witness descriptions of London street-by-street. PhoneBooth is part of LSE Digital Library
    The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2010 is provided by the UK Government Department of Communities and Local Government.
  100. Transcriptions of births, marriages and deaths in Cheshire from 1837 onwards taken from the local register office indexes. Part of the UKBMD Project.
    Tags: by family_history (31 Dec 2002)

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