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  1. Using Google Maps you can pinpoint locations around the world and see map and satellite views. Street View, often showing photographs of individual houses, is also available for large parts of Australia, the UK, the USA, Japan and some parts of Europe.
  2. Free historical maps of Australia, London and some other parts of the UK. The site also includes some maps of Gallipoli.
  3. This website is a portal for digitised maps from around the world including Australia. Collections include the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, the British Library, the National Library of Scotland and many more. The results list gives the title of the map, date and scale and once a map is selected it is zoomable so you can see the detail.
  4. View photographs, maps, objects and artworks held at various archives, libraries and museums around Australia including State Libraries, the Australian War Memorial, the National Trust etc. Search under keyword for people, places, ships and more. Also included in the database are Flickr images submitted by the public.
  5. Digitised maps on Trove.
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  6. Access to maps from the NLA collections. Many digitised.

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